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stack of rugs

Sell Your Antique Oriental or Persian Rug

Our distinguished approach sets us apart, as we effortlessly surpass dealer and auction valuations, ensuring you receive an opulent 25-50 percent more for your prized possession. With our discerning eye for luxury, we specialize in acquiring exquisite antique Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, and Chinese carpets, crafted from the finest wool or silk.

rolled up rugs

Contact Us To Sell Your Antique Rugs

We purchase old, used, and antique rugs. We’ll pay top prices for unique or unusual pieces. We are looking for handmade or handwoven Persian, Oriental, or antique rugs. We also accept silk rugs, Chinese rugs, and tapestries. Sell or trade your rug for an excellent deal. We are especially interested in rare and extraordinary rugs of unique value. If you have an old rug in decent condition that you’re looking to sell, we’ll take it off your hands for a reasonable price. Contact us if you’re interested in selling your antique area rug.

Contact Us

Submit the contact form with detail about the rug you wish to sell. We will respond within 3 days and make you an offer if interested.

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