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Unlock the Value & History of Your Oriental & Persian Rugs

Trustworthy Expertise: With years of experience in the rug industry, our appraisers possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide accurate and reliable valuations. We combine our deep understanding of rugs with a commitment to professionalism and integrity, ensuring that you receive an appraisal you can trust.

stacks of rugs

Uncover Hidden Value

Did you know that an Oriental or Persian rug with a unique or unusual pattern may hold greater worth than you realize? Sometimes, unexpected variations or “mistakes” made during the weaving process can actually enhance a rug’s value. Our expert appraisers have an eye for detail and can identify these distinctive features that contribute to the rug’s overall worth.

Know the Worth of Your Rug

We offer professional rug appraisal services. Value is determined by age, size, quality, condition, nation of origin, color scheme, pattern, and style. We will help you know your rug’s worth and demonstrate ownership. The two types of appraisals we offer are:

Free Rug Appraisal

Bring your rug to our Oriental Rug Showroom in Pasadena or San Clemente for a free evaluation if you simply want to learn more about it, such as when it was manufactured, who made it, and what material it was made of.

Documented Rug Appraisal

For estate planning, insurance, and tax considerations, written appraisals are preferred. For a nominal price, GLC can offer a documented evaluation under those circumstances. Whatever type of assessment you use, make sure to take pictures of your carpets and save them in a secure location with your other critical documents.

Determine the Value of Your Rug

We offer expert appraisals for family heirloom rugs and recently purchased carpets to help you learn more about their history, origin, and background. We will analyze the rug and determine its origin and value so you know what it’s worth. Unique or unusual patterns may make your rug more valuable than you realize. Even faults in the pattern that occurred accidentally when the weaver was working can be beneficial to the value of your rug, as it differentiates the rug to make it more unique. Rug appraisal not only determines the monetary value of your rug, but it offers added security and proof of ownership.

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