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brass statue of Indian Lord God Krishna

Authorized Resellers of Liquidated Masterpieces

Don’t miss your chance to acquire extraordinary pieces at prices that will leave you amazed.

After five generations of collecting valuable items from all over the globe, our multi-million-dollar collection of unique valuable Oriental and Persian rugs, rare art, antiques, sculptures, artifacts, and collectibles is gathered under one roof.

Book a showroom appointment at our Pasadena location to view our collectibles at rare low prices.

Rare Collectibles From Store Closures

At Global Liquidation Company, we understand the importance of generating cash before a business shuts down.

That’s why we assist struggling companies or closed buildings in selling their inventory, providing them with an opportunity to pay off debts and pave the way for a fresh start.

With our expert negotiation skills and commitment to our clients, we work tirelessly to ensure both the business owners and customers find immense value in the liquidation process.

Visit One of Our Locations Today