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Unveiling treasures: live antique, art, and artifacts auctions by Global Liquidation Company

Experience the thrill of bidding on exquisite, one-of-a-kind items at our prestigious Pasadena, CA showrooms. Discover rare and authentic antiquities sourced from renowned collectors worldwide. From valuable liquidated collections, explore a curated selection of unique decorative pieces, art, furniture, and fine rugs. Join collectors and homeowners alike in securing these irreplaceable gems. Book your spot now at our San Clemente and Pasadena locations.

rolled up rugs

What to Expect During Our Live Auction Events

Alongside our liquidation services, We host live public auctions at our showroom as well as private sales.

Conducted by our experienced professionals, our world-renowned rugs and antiques are for sale at our auction marketplace.  During our live events, the auctioneer will run the bidding by guiding bid amounts for each item.

The bidding price is based on the value and condition of the sold item.  Customers should place their maximum bid before the auction closes and be prepared to bid when the lots begin to close. You stand the best chance at getting the item you want by placing your highest bid in the closing seconds. Bid up to the reserve price as early as possible. Any last-minute bid at the end of the event extends the auction by fifteen minutes. Each item is sold to the highest bidder.

Stay updated on our latest auction events and available inventory by signing up now to receive our notifications.

auctioneer at antique store

Want Us to Auction off Your Rare Items?

We are truly collectors at heart, the higher quality of the collection, the greater our level of interest.  The process starts with a full assessment and appraisal of your fine and rare art, antiques, collectibles, rugs, and rare cars.  Please fill out the form, if you have photos of your items you wish to auction or liquidate, please email them to

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